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Oi! Apollo Moon Hoax believers!


I don’t know how many more times I have to say this, seriously. I know you can read, because you read all those stupid websites insisting that Apollo astronauts never actually walked on the Moon, so why can’t you understand me when I tell you to not bother telling me or CUMBRIAN SKY’s readers that it was all a hoax? I keep getting comments here insisting Armstrong and all his chisel-jawed friends never flew from the Earth to The Moon.

Seriously, you’re wasting your time. I’m just going to either cross out your words or, if I’m in that kind of mood, delete your stoopid comment altogether. I have no time for you. You’re ridiculous, and trust me, most of the world is laughing at you every time you put on your tin foil hat and start clicking away at your keyboard.

Please, stop wasting your lives. Look at the pictures being sent back by Cassini, Messenger, the Mars rovers, go out on a clear night and look up at the stars, find a friendly neighbourhood amateur astronomer and ask him to show you the Moon, or Jupiter, and rejoice in the wonder and beauty of the universe instead of making up ridiculous conspiracy theories that hold less water than a thimble with a hole in it.

5 Responses

  1. Tinfoil hat? Phhfft! *That’s* not a tinfoil hat. This is a tinfoil hat.


    Ladies and Gentlement, I give you The Aluminium Foil Deflector Beanie. For use when there’s a risk that science and/or fact might actually sneak into your brain. (From the website: “…also blocks brain scanning and mind reading…”)

  2. Delete their posts? OK, I agree they’re crackpots etc but what happened to freedom of speech?

    Yes, I know scientifically proven facts are not open for debate but in a free country everybody should be able to state their opinion no matter how stupid…

    • I am a huge supporter of freedom of speech. I’m not, and never will be, a supporter of people who continue to spout absolute garbage in the face of face-slappingly overwhelming proof that their “theories” are pathetic, foolish and pig ignorant. I’ve just decided I’ve wasted far too much of my precious time “debating” with these people, trying to educate and convince them. No more. I’m done. They’re idiots. And there’s no room or tolerance for them here.

  3. No one is denying their right to advocate their wacky ideas, Stuart just asked them to do it not here, on his blog. Then he asked them again, then he told them so, then he told them again, then he reached that dreaded point of no return, just barely holding on to it. And now they get their final warning. Anywhere but here.

    And being the rightfull owner of this blog he has every right to do so and i can not say i disagree. This blog is like his castle and no one disputes the right to defend your castle against trespassers.

    • Hoaxers are entertaining. Deleting their posts is probably the right thing to do on a science blog, but we are going to miss out on some good humor. Most hoaxers don’t even believe what they preach. They continue on because they have become addicted to the attention they can generate for themselves while living in their mothers’ basements. My local talk show host has them on all the time time because they light up the phone lines.

      Here is an example of some of the fun we could miss…

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