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About Cumbrian Sky

Hi, and welcome to CUMBRIAN SKY, an informal blog for people who are interested in the night sky and space exploration…

If you want to know when you can see a meteor shower, or the northern lights, when you can see the eclipse or comet you heard about on the news, this is where to come! Want to be able to just go to a single site and be shown the best shortcut to the latest stunning images from Mars, Saturn or the Hubble Space Telescope? You’re already here!

To contact me just email me at: STUARTATK@aol.com

56 Responses

  1. Ah…the second coming of Cumbrian Sky. Keep it up Stu….the world would be a poorer (& darker) place without you chum!
    Hear Stu on BBC Radio during October and November – next broadcast October 18th @ 8.15am.

  2. It’s a stupid question I know but why CUMBRIANsky?

    p.s. I agree with about the Freema Agyeman love.

  3. Stumbled across your site….very interesting! I’ll be back (-:

  4. Great side. Glad I stumbled upon it.

  5. Great blog! Nice to see more from the official Westmorland Gazette astronomer.

  6. i just discovered your site and i will be reading it more often.thanks

  7. Nice Blog.. spent an enjoyable few hours cup of tea and a plate of chocolate digestives .. regards Tom

  8. Awesome good to see a blogger from the North West…doing a grand job…keep it up

    Astronomy needs people like yourself to promote science for the next generation of einsteins…

  9. Hi,

    Any news if you can see Comet McNaught (C/2009 R1) from Cumbria?


  10. Im 11 and obsessed with space I stumbled across this website in a magazine and enjoy reading it [ :

  11. Hello

    Iam starting to delve into astronomy and appreciate your enthusiasm and advice about getting a telescope….

    “Buy a good “beginners guide to astronomy” book, or borrow one from the library. I can recommend one”

    Please recommend one!

    Best Wishes

  12. On the 15th of Feb, cargo will be transported to the ISS by ATV-2. That’s 19 days away! Check out the ESA ATV blog for more info. http://blogs.esa.int/atv/

  13. Awesome site. Wish I had found this earlier, like before a good astronomical event. (Wait. Is astronomical a word?)

  14. Hi, just read your column in the WG…..is it really likely that we might see the Northern Lights in the next few weeks?

  15. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Stu and his Cumbrian Sky site. If it wasnt for him, I would never have experienced the awe-inspiring ISS spotting that is seen throughout the year. The first time I saw two rapidly moving *stars* (the ISS and the Shuttle), I assumed a extra-terrestrial moment and it was this site that put me straight. Im still in awe when I check out the Station going over – the technology, the achievement, the splendour!! THANK YOU, STU!! :)))

    • if u type in google iss nasa there is a link , its easy to do takes a few mins , just leave ur email and address and post code and u will b sent emails when the iss is visible from ur area ..

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  19. I took a photo of the sun today through overcast conditions, and noticed 2 dark spots on the surface, could you explain to me what they are?

  20. Very interesting website well done Stuart

  21. Very interesting, makes one wish for clear skies which here in Wisconsin-USA is not on the bill for today…keep it up.

  22. Great blog about the Comet Convoy! I’m giving a talk for the local Learning In Retirement group on Monday and plan on using some information I learned from you here. Thanks!

  23. Great photos from Kielder- didn’t make camp this time due to work so very jealous of aurora experience you got with those fantastic skies! endured rain and hail in October camp so missed ISOS too.

  24. hi nice info about star naming and other stuff.:)

  25. […] Créditos da imaxe e licenza (CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO): ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM.Procesado adicional: Stuart Atkinson. […]

  26. […] Image Credit & Licence (CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO): ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart Atkinson […]

  27. […] Image Credit & licence (CC BY-SA 3.0 ΔΚΟ): ESA, διαστημόπλοιο Rosetta, NAVCAM? Πρόσθετη επεξεργασία: Stuart Atkinson […]

  28. […] The Cliffs of Comet Churyumov–Gerasimenko Image Credit & Licence (CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO): ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart Atkinson […]

  29. […] Churyumov–Gerasimenko  Image Credit: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart AtkinsonExplanation: These high cliffs occur on the surface of a comet. They were discovered to be part of […]

  30. Thank goodness I read this and thank you Stuart for telling me, it’s true, something I didn’t want to hear but am so glad I did!!

    My beloved father died in 2011, and although he was 80, my brother, sister, all our children and his brothers and I absolutely adored him and all three of us were devastated and found it very hard. My dad was an amateur astronomer and what better gift I thought to my family to immortalise him in the star Register do everyone through out the globe would see his name when zooming in on ‘distant suns’ . I am sad this is not the case because it so easily could be, but glad I read your blog because I went through the conditions carefully and discovered you were absolutely right no one other than us would know, and it would be feasible for other registers to even sell the same star. One company is offering the corners of the Plough for goodness sake! Thanks again.

  31. A very informative website. As an astronomer & follower of rare atmospherics, I was particularly impressed by your coverage of Noctilucent Clouds. I’ll look forward to following your site.

    • Thanks for that, appreciate it! Not much activity this season so far but I’m sure it will pick up soon…!

  32. Will I be able to see the Northern Lights between July 10 and July 16 from East Glacier National Park?? I realize that luck has to be on my side but Im not sure if there is any historical patterns you would be aware of. Or maybe you know more about this than I do. ( thats a joke as Im sure you do!!!!)

    • It’s worth keeping an eye on geomagnetic levels while you are there by checking with European sites such as Aurora Service (Europe). If there are reports of high levels, you will have forward notice. Admittedly they are based at a much higher latitude, and have a better chance of seeing the aurora although the time of year is a problem with the long days. You have a pretty good chance of seeing the aurora from that location if the levels are favourable, but it would have to be a strong display to outshine twilight, and the moon too.
      I’d look out for NLCs’ myself, because the chances of seeing them are very good and they can be spectacular.

    • Hi Jenny, sorry for the delay in replying. It’s not impossible, there might be a humongous solar flare that kicks off an auroral storm, but if that doesn’t happen I honestly think it’s very unlikely you’ll see anything, as the “night” (ha!) sky is just so bright now it would take a major display to cut through that. But keep an eye on the sky anyway, just in case, and enjoy seeing the Milky Way and the summer stars… and Mars and Saturn shining together in the sky… Have a great time!

  33. […] Bildcredit und Lizenz (CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO): ESA, Raumsonde Rosetta, NAVCAM; Zusätzliche Bearbeitung: Stuart Atkinson […]

  34. What part of Cumbria do you observe from? I’ve done a bit from there,around Alston…. Very dark.a fair bit on night time walks twixt wetheral and Carlisle too.I’m from co.Durham but I’d often catch the sleeper train Carlisle to London and the last train from Newcastle to Carlisle gave me 4 hours to wait in Carlisle to that end I’d get out in wetheral and walk to Carlisle!the area between oxenholme and Penrith looks pretty dark out the sleeper window except for some quarries around shap sharing their floodlights with everyone.

  35. About the star naming article: totally agree however if I saw an elderly couple crying outside of the hospital over their dead son/daughter and heard them saying they’d like to buy a stone then yes, I’d walk on by cuz that’d be the right thing to do. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to step on people’s head when they’re drowning. You know, out of courtesy….
    Kind regards

    Stella Corona (I bet this name is also bought right?)

  36. […] Bildcredit und Lizenz: ESA, Raumsonde Rosetta, NAVCAM; Weitere Bearbeitung: Stuart Atkinson […]

  37. […] Créditos da imaxe e Licenza: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Procesado adicional: Stuart Atkinson […]

  38. […] A High Cliff on Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko Image Credit & Licence: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart Atkinson […]

  39. […] Image Credit & Licence: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart Atkinson […]

  40. […] y Licencia de la Imagen: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Procesamiento Adicional: Stuart Atkinson (Para una versión de mayor resolución siga este […]

  41. […] A High Cliff on Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko Image Credit & Licence: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart Atkinson […]

  42. […] A High Cliff on Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko Image Credit & Licence: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart Atkinson […]

  43. […] A High Cliff on Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko Image Credit & Licence: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart Atkinson […]

  44. […] A High Cliff on Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko Image Credit & Licence: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart Atkinson […]

  45. […] 2021년 12월 8일 0 1 Image Credit & Licence: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart Atkinson […]

  46. […] 2021년 12월 8일 0 3 Image Credit & Licence: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart Atkinson […]

  47. […] 2021년 12월 8일 0 5 Image Credit & Licence: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Additional Processing: Stuart Atkinson […]

  48. […]  Crediti & licenza: ESA, Rosetta spacecraft, NAVCAM; Processamento: Stuart Atkinson […]

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