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Farewell Shelter Island…

Looks like Oppy has scooted away from the meteorite “Shelter Island”…


What’s next? Well, Oppy is heading deeper into the Meridiani desert. Will she find any more meteorites? I hope so; I’m a massive fan of meteories! But many people are hoping Oppy is done with finding fallen stars. They think they’re unnecessary and unwelcome distractions from Oppy’s real task – getting to Endeavour Crater. I’d love to see their faces if Oppy sent back a picture like this… 🙂


Forthcoming EAS events…

Following my recent, badly mucked-up post listing forthcoming EAS events, here’s what we’re really up to! 🙂

FRIDAY OCTOBER 16th: “Jupiter Watch“, Abbot Hall Park, Kendal. 7pm onwards.

TUESDAY OCTOBER 27th: “Moon Watch“, Abbot Hall Park, Kendal. 7pm onwards.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 27th: “Moon Watch“, Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, 7pm onwards.

Eddington AS now on Twitter!

There’s now another way to follow the activities of Kendal’s Eddington AS – on Twitter! 🙂


Here’s the Twitter page you need to go to and start Following: https://twitter.com/eddingtonas