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Aurora tonight?

Hmmm. I just received an email alert telling me that there’s a lot of “auroral activity” at the moment… no promises, but MIGHT be worth keeping an eye on the skty after dark tonight (Wed)…

Report on IYA “MoonWatch”


Hi all, I’m happy to be able to report that last night’s Eddington AS “MoonWatch” was a success – okay, a limited one, but a success nonetheless. 🙂

The weather was pretty poor, as you all probably noticed, with the Moon hidden for most of the time behind swiftly-moving veils of high murky cloud, so glimpses of it were fuzzy as well as few and far between. But it did peep out now and again, so we still managed to show the Moon and its craters to a total of at least 50, maybe 60 people between 7pm and 8.20 when the clouds finally swallowed the Moon completely…


And the view really was very pretty, with mighty Clavius and the rest of the southern craters standing out really well in each telescope’s eyepiece – until the Moon was hidden from view yet again.

There were a lot of very impressed people there last night, and it was hard at times to prise them away from the eyepieces! There were lots of “Wow!” and “That’s cool!” comments as people bent down – or peered up – to look into the eyepieces, and everyone was genuinely grateful for the efforts of the optimistic EAS members who came down to the Park…


I can’t help wondering how many more people we would have had if the sky had been clear – several hundred, I reckon, easily – but I guess we’ll never know.

Hopefully the sky will be clear at our next MoonWatch at the Brewery Arts Centre next month – I am sure many more people will come down to take part in that if it is 🙂

So, thanks to everyone who came down to take part in our official Autumn 2009 MoonWatch – especially to Glyn Jones, who took the above photos of the event for me, after my stupid ***** **** **** camera batteries died on me…!!