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Mars rocks…

Yes. Yes, it does, and every day the rovers Opportunity and Curiosity prove it with the gorgeous images they send back. Here are some panoramas I’ve made out of the most recent ones. First, a view from Opportunity, currently wrapping up her exploration of Marathon Valley high up on the ancient rim of Endeavour Crater…


Next, a mosaic showing the view Curiosity is currently enjoying at Gale Crater…


And finally, here’s a hot-off-the-press mosaic showing some of the rocks around Curiosity…


When I saw that my eyes were immediately drawn to one of the “rocks” down near the bottom of the image… Hmmm…. is that a meteorite..? It looks rather shiny in places…



Hmmmm… that really does look like a meteorite to me… I’ll ask a few people on Twitter and Facebook and see what they think….


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