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NLC Display – finally!

In the early hours of this morning, after shaking our fists at the sky in frustration since the start of June,  we were FINALLY treated to a vivid display of NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS (“NLC”). The display began about midnight, with just a few puffs of pale NLC very low on the NE horizon…


…and when you see that you have a choice to make – stay out longer, or go home having just seen that – because you know it’s either going to just fade away, or drop down behind the horizon, or blossom into something impressive. I chose to stay, and was glad I did, because the display grew higher, broader and brighter, and by 01.30 was pretty impressive. By 02.00 it was a very obvious sight to the naked eye, and NLC were still glowing in the predawn sky at 03.00 when I finally called it a night (or a morning, seeing as the birds were singing…!)

Here are my best pics… click on them to enlarge them…

NLC July 5-6 2016 bsh

NLC July 5-6 2016 c sh

NLC July 5-6 river dawn b sh


pano31 3am







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