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NLC! Finally! (I think…)

I think I finally caught a glimpse of NLC from here in Kendal at ridiculous o’clock this morning…

I went up to Kendal Castle at 11pm, when it was actually drizzling (that’s dedication for you!) because I could see gaps in the cloud cover drifting slowly to the north and guessed it was worth a go. Eventually the drizzle stopped, and a gap appeared in the north… but of course there remained a great dirty band of squid ink-black cloud draped across the northern sky, which drifted from east to west sooooo slowly, never allowing me a look at anything lower than fifteen degrees or so, i.e obliterating the exact area of the sky where NLC would be appearing, if there were any to see…

Some excitement at around 00.30 when I thought I maybe possibly perhaps saw ‘something’ in a gap, what looked like the end of a streamer, but couldn’t be sure. But as 01.00 approached, with no definite NLC seen and with work early this morning I decided to head back down the hill… I got to the park almost opposite my flat, and decided to take that deadly One Last Look Just In Case glance at the sky… and saw this…

I know, I know, it doesn’t look much on the pic – I had to grab it quickly before cloud piled back in, and could only see the clouds between a gap in streetlights, as you can see – but in binocs there was definite structure visible, so I’m 80% sure these were NLC and not high cirrus or vapour trails, especially as observers in Anglesey were seeing a fine display at around the same time. I hope those are NLC, I’ll be gutted if they aren’t after all that…

Phew…!  🙂

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