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Old and New…

No sign of any NLC last night (no? REALLY!?!?!?!?!?) but did see a pair of lovely ISS passes, including one which I managed to capture on film as it flew over a certain famous Kendal landmark…

Click to enlarge. Time exposure (8s) so the ISS recorded as a trail.

Quite pleased with that! 🙂

Dear Noctilucent Clouds…

Alright, enough is enough. Time to drag your sorry behinds out of bed, give yourselves a really, really good shake, and start shining for us UK observers. We know you’re up there because our friends in Norway, Austria and Germany have seen you and taken gorgeous pictures of you that they’ve put on t’internet for us to all drool over. Yet you insist on hiding yourselves away from UK observers, even on lovely clear nights.

Why? What have we done to upset you? Is it our football team’s fault? Is it Fabio’s fault? Is it because millions of us insist on still watching “Big Brother”? Is it because some of us still believe that Katy Price is a “celebrity” worthy of having her every move followed and photographed? Or is it something else?

Whatever it is, however we’ve offended you, we’re sorry, ok? Forgive us. Just tell us how to make it up to you, and we will, if it will mean we can see once again your beautiful billows, stunning streamers and wistful whirls and whorls of electric blue light shining over our northern horizons.

We’re sorry, truly. 😦

Come back to us!