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Boulders, rocks and stones, oh my…

The Mars Science Laboratory is driving through some drop dead gorgeous terrain at the moment, carefully wending her way between tall buttes of crumbling martian stone. The latest photos to come back show a really steep butte, with its sides literally covered in boulders, rocks and stones, left there by the erosion of the butte over who knows how many millennia. I’ve spent some time today stitching them together into a single image and then processing that image into a single – I hope! – killer portrait of this beautiful region of Barsoom. I hope you’ll click on it to enlarge it, and then just spend some time scrolling around it, taking in the bewildering number and variety of rocks here, marvelling at all the different shapes and forms – the jagged, sharp blades, the tall stacks of razor-thin stone, the brittle spikes and spires, all carved by the soft but relentless winds of Mars over many millions of years.


Original images Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech


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  1. Stuart, I want to share some good news to you: PHILAE HAS BEEN FOUND!

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