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A Midnight Planetary Trio…

Went up to Kendal Castle at around half eleven last night, hunting noctilucent clouds. Did everything right, remembered the right tripod this time, camera battery was fully charged and memory card cleaned up, and with a lovely clear sky to the north in front of me, and the castle wonderfully free of the mass of drunk, drugged-up chavs which have been infesting it recently, so I was hopeful…

Nothing. NOTHING. Not even a hint of a wisp of NLC. And with no work today too, typical.

So far I’m not enjoying the 2016 NLC Season at ALL…

But it wasn’t a wasted trip, because I got some half-decent pictures of other things. Click on them to enlarge (some of) them…








See those three planets labelled on the bottom picture? There are space-probes either orbiting, heading for or driving around all of them. How cool is that? 🙂


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