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Occator in close-up

Ever since Dawn sent back those first tantalising views of a “bright spot” in the centre of the crater “Occator” on the dwarf planet Ceres we’ve been looking forward to proper, high resolution views. Well,  they’ve finally been released, during a big astronomy conference over in the US, and they’re every bit as jaw-dropping as we hoped they would be.

I won’t put them in this post cos they’re too big, but you can find the latest images on the Planetary Photojournal’s page of “new” images, here

I’ve been playing about with/cropping, processing and enhancing them to make some unashamedly artistic and not-scientifically-valuable-in-the-slightest images, which follow. I think they show just what a bewildering, beautiful, dramatic world Ceres is…

occator sharp crop b

occator frame b

cracks b


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