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OSIRIS images released

…at last!

I don’t know what happened – maybe a crack team of Rebel Alliance soldiers penetrated the gloomy dungeons lurking beneath the OSIRIS Empire’s headquarters and set free the poor images of 67P which have been kept prisoner there all these months, or maybe ESA bosses finally lost patience with the OSIRIS team’s silly games and ordered them to stop ****ing about, grow up and release their images to the world as they should have done months ago – but today a veritable tsunami of OSIRIS images flooded the internet. Well over a thousand of them escaped from their cells, and emerged into the sunlight, blinking and shielding their eyes from the sudden glare, to be led gently out into the world by countless image processors, bloggers and science writers who have been wanting to see them all this time. “Come with us,” we told them, “it’s over, you’re safe now…”

I’ve spent a fair amount of time going through them today, and there are some beauties there. For some reason the .png files won’t download (at least for me) so I’ve been downloading the .FITS files instead and opening them up with one of my graphics programs to get a look at them. A lot more work to do on them yet, but for now here are some of the images I’ve made from today’s very welcome OSIRIS release.




Finally, for now, a mosaic comprising 4 different OSIRIS images, then processed using various programs. You really need to click on this to enlarge it, then just scroll around it, drinking in the view…

OSIRIS pano b2

More soon.


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