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Venus meets Jupiter in the June twilight…

Last night, finally, after approaching each other shyly for the past couple of months, Venus and Jupiter met in the evening twilight, for a close planetary conjunction. And after giving a talk to members of the Cockermouth Astronomical Society, Stella and I raced back south towards Kendal, hoping to find a good spot to photograph the conjunction. Thankfully Stella found us a perfect place – high up, with an unobstructed view to the west and a low horizon, so we set up there and watched the show. Here are some of the pictures we took…

IMG_9808 IMG_9880

stella1 stella3

V J Jun 30c Venus & Jupiter June 30th 2015 label

4 Responses

  1. […] und drei in groß hier. [23:55 MESZ – Ende. NACHTRÄGE: Beobachtungsberichte hier, hier und hier, ein französischer Artikel, ein Foto aus einer Drohne 100 Meter über der Sternwarte Sonneberg, […]

  2. For once, maybe, better observing conditions down south where the sky was dark a lot earlier.

  3. Why haven’t you posted as frequently as you used to?

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