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Thank you, ROSETTA OSIRIS Team…

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so it’s only fair to thank the Rosetta mission OSIRIS team for releasing one of their images yesterday, and it’s a beauty…


That’s a really striking image, because it shows activity – jets – coming out of an in-shadow area of the nucleus…


Full story and links to hi-res pics here

You see, OSIRIS team, you see? You released one of your images and the world didn’t end… a wormhole didn’t open up and suck the Earth into it! A kraken wasn’t summoned up from the inky depths to wrap its tentacles around the Golden Gate Bridge and drag it down to the deep! The Moon didn’t fall out of the sky! A horde of armchair wannabe comet scientists didn’t Save your picture, paste it into a scientific paper and beat you to the discovery of the century!

More, please… just… come on, a few more. It really wouldn’t hurt. You might even enjoy joining in with this fantastic warm fuzzy feeling everyone out here is enjoying as we see new images of Ceres and Pluto coming in. Go on, put on a clean shirt, grab a bottle, and join the party. We’d love to see you. 🙂

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