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First Cumbrian NLC of 2015 Season..?

VERY frustrating start to the 2015 NLC season… the weather has been mostly poor, so it was no surprise that on the night when much of the north of the UK saw the season’s opening display we were clouded out. We have had a couple of fantastically clear nights… without even a hint of a whiff of a single streak of NLC!

Last night looked very promising for NLC – by 11.15, as I set off for Kendal Castle, the sky was beautifully clear – but nothing popped out. I did enjoy a lovely view of Jupiter (L) and Venus (R) low in the west, shining close together…

J V Jun 8 15 c

..and going into the castle ruins meant I was able to grab some lovely pictures like this…

J V Jun 8 15

…but I was there to look for NLC, and I *think* I managed to see some but to be perfectly honest I’m not sure. I photographed these light clouds just after half past midnight or so…

NLC Jun 9 b

There’s *something* there, but NLC? Not 100% sure, so fingers crossed we get a major display soon, then I can say “NLC Spotted!” with certainty 🙂

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