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More NAVCAM magnificence!

Repeating myself, I know, but thank you **again** to the navcam team on ESA’s ROSETTA¬† mission for continuing to bless us with the photographs they’re taking. Yesterday they released what we quaintly call here in the UK “an absolute cracker”…


.Oh, will you look at that? The play of the light on that image is just sublime… the shadows being cast on the jets and plumes, the glow on the comet’s surface, all just beautiful. And after a bit of tidying up…


…and with some shamelessly self-indulgent colour added…


If you’re reading this, navcam team (and actually, I know you are), thank you *again* from all of us out here following the ROSETTA mission. As I’ve said before, thanks to the continuing stinginess of the OSIRIS team, if it wasn’t for your efforts no-one would know there *was* a European comet mission; I frequently come across people who think the mission ended on Philae’s landing day. Can’t wait to see the glorious images you take during this weekend’s 6km fly-by…!