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67P is awake…!

Well and truly! Look at this new ***gorgeous*** mosaic of four images taken by ROSETTA’s navcam…


That’s a mighty jet shooting out of the neck there, isn’t it? But if you boost that image you can see there are LOTS of jets now shooting out of 67P from all parts of it…


And of course, I couldn’t resist making a couple of rather more “artistic” versions of that image, because it’s just so beautiful…

31 Jan


Meanwhile, the OSIRIS team continues to horde its images, which we now know, thanks to the recent special issue of SCIENCE magazine, are absolutely stunning. I’m increasingly baffled by this, especially as they *are* sharing them with certain people and groups, they’re just holding them back from the media and the public. For example, yesterday my friend and fellow comet enthusiast/blogger/outreacher Daniel Fischer posted a fascinating report on his blog from a ROSETTA conference held in Germany, at which new OSIRIS images were shown to the audience. Of course, taking pictures of the images as they were displayed wasn’t allowed, and to their credit, and showing a remarkable restraint I’m not sure I would have been able to, no-one there (to my knowledge) has posted any sneakily-snapped screenshots of the OSIRIS pictures on Twitter or Facebook, though they must have taken some.

But seriously, come on, what?? Why, if they are so worried about other scientists stealing their discoveries, are the OSIRIS team showing their pictures to *anyone*, especially to roomfuls of the very same scientists they’re so paranoid about? I don’t get it. Either show everyone, or don’t show anyone. Stop treating the public and the science media like undeserving, greedy children, it’s stupid.

And if you think that’s unfair, think about this. During the past week we have seen incredible, historic images taken by other space probes released without any delay. The NEW HORIZONS team released the long-awaited first images from the probe’s final approach to Pluto; the DAWN team released stunning new images of dwarf planet Ceres; NASA continues its policy of DAILY releases of images taken by the Opportunity and Curiosity rovers. And, of course, the ROSETTA NAVCAM team released more pics too. From OSIRIS? Nothing. And no-one can tell me that’s right.


In his blog report and Facebook posts Dan reported that the OSIRIS team will start releasing their images from “mid-May” which is great news – if it happens; at this point I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if the OSIRIS team announced in May that they can’t post any pictures because the dog ate them…