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Q: How can you tell there’s a naked eye comet in British skies..?

A: You look at the weather forecast, and if it predicts days – if not weeks – of permanent cloud cover, with constant howling wind, and rain, hail, snow, frogs, locusts and fish falling from the heavens, that’s a sure sign that there’s a comet in the sky bright enough to be seen with the naked eye.

Seriously, that’s what’s happening right now. The jet stream has slipped south, and is carrying across the northern UK storm system after storm system, hiding Lovejoy from our view. As I write this rain is slashing against the window as if someone is outside hurling bucketfuls of water at it, and there seems like non chance of seeing Lovejoy for at least the next three nights. Which is SO frustrating, because Lovejoy is now at its closest to Earth, the Moon is moving out of the way, and this might be the best time of all to see Lovejoy.


I did manage to gran a couple of photos last night – between finishing work at 10pm and collapsing onto the sofa with a rotten head cold at midnight – and they show that the comet is really pretty even in a sky blasted by moonlight and dimmed by haze…




Just imagine what that would look like in a clear, properly dark sky…


I don’t know when I’ll get another look at the comet, the weather forecast is just so unremittingly dreadful. I think it’s going to be a case of just keeping an eye on the sky and dashing out with the camera if any unexpected gaps appear.

Wish me luck!


2 Responses

  1. […] und hier, von gestern hier, hier, hier, hier und hier und von vorgestern, Artikel hier, hier, hier, hier, hier und hier (mit falschen Angaben zum Mond) sowie ein Gag. Außerdem der überraschende […]

  2. Yep…it’s no easy task finding a comet!!! We were chasing between clouds here as well. But did manage to capture one descent photo.

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