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Brace yourselves…

As I write this it’s 7am on a grey, cold, Cumbrian morning, and I’m at a Field Centre in a valley in the shadow of high, mist-wreathed hills in the middle of nowhere, just past the back of beyond. Perfect for writing about a comet…!

Yesterday ESA put out another of its gorgeous images, this time an anaglyph (3D image) made from pictures taken by Philae’s ROLIS descent camera. If you haven’t already seen it, here you go, it’s an absolute beauty…


…or rather, it *could* be, because with a little bit of processing that image, which isn’t bad in the first place, can be made a lot better. I know it sounds churlish, but I’m a bit surprised that, having taken the time and trouble to acquire the images and then make them into an anaglyph, ESA don’t take just another half hour to make it into something a bit crisper. I took that image and with a bit of playing around had turned it into this…


…which I think you’ll agree is much crisper and more detailed. Not suggesting for a moment that I’m *better* at this than ESA, haha! 🙂 Just pointing out that with a little more work things could be improved, that’s all. And up at the top of that image, that view just cried out to be cropped and enhanced a little more, to create this dizzying vista… Ok, everyone… brace yourselves… and click on this next image… **now**…

omg view 3d

I did warn you! 🙂

And down at the bottom there, the STILL un-named Big Crater looks glorious when the 3D spotlight is shone on it…


I really hope ESA start releasing some of the names they’ve given features on 67P soon, they must have a whole comet atlas by now…

More soon!


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  1. Hm, maybe your monitor is out of whack, maybe mine is. But in your version I’m seeing less detail and a compressed contrast range?

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