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67P – Normal service has been resumed…

A week and a bit after Philae’s historic (and, it seems, multiple!) landing on 67P, things are getting back to what passes for “normal” for the ROSETTA mission – ESA has released another lovely navcam mosaic, and the OSIRIS team hasn’t, but they get a Pass at the moment because I’m sure they’re incredibly busy scouring their latest images for any trace of poor little Philae, lost somewhere in the dark, down there on the chaotic surface of the comet. It seems they have a *rough* idea where it is, based on those jaw-dropping images taken by OSIRIS showing the lander’s flight path towards and then away from its original landing site – during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” online Q&A the team suggested that Philae came down somewhere in the Big Crater (WHY HAS IT STILL NOT GOT A NAME????) instead of on its edge. Hope the find Philae soon…

Here’s the latest mosaic released by ESA…


Hmmm, nice jet in the middle there, coming out of the “neck”. That image was taken on Nov 17th, and clearly shows the comet is well and truly coming to life now. Wont be long, I think, until we see some serious out-gassing from the nucleus, and that will make for some dramatic images, you’ll see. In the meantime, here’s my latest “artistic take” on the comet…


What struck me about that latest navcam is the gorgeous view of the towering cliffs on the inside of the small lobe, over there on the right. Wow, look at that… I couldn’t resist…

cliffs frame b

Well done to ESA for resuming the release of navcam images, and good luck to the OSIRIS team in their hunt for Philae.


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