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Fingers crossed for Philae…

Oh boy… it’s close now, isn’t it? The Big Day… Landing Day… The day Mankind Catches A Comet…

Can’t you almost taste it?

We’ll have lots of info about Landing Day nearer the time. For now, I’ve made this quick-and-simple guide to the main events which will take place on Wednesday…

landing day jpg

Out There, at the comet, after being carried through the deep black of space for a decade, the Philae lander is now just a few days away from its own moment in the spotlight. Early on Thursday morning it will be switched on fully, and prepare for landing…


That pic above is a screengrab from the latest brilliant animation produced by ESA. Look at the cute little guy getting dressed up for his big day… pulling on his boots, putting his sarnies in his bag, pulling on his headlamp and checking his camera…

I hope he has plenty of sandwiches and spare batteries… Poor thing, no-one’s told him it’s a one way trip…

Meanwhile, as the OSIRIS team continue to horde their images, like Gollum clutching The One Ring to his chest, ESA has released some more gorgeous images of 67P. I think this is one of the most striking views yet…


Credits: ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

As usual, I couldn’t resist giving it a bit of a kick, to make things a bit more, well, obvious…

Comet_on_4_November_NavCam 2b

WOW… look at thatspectacular doesn’t even come close, does it? I’m rather lost for words looking at that…

When I saw that I realised that, for the first time, ESA’s navcam images had finally crossed the line – the line between science and art. That image isn’t just interesting, or fascinating… it’s genuinely beautiful… And looking at it I knew I had to turn it into something even less scientific, something that attempts to show the true beauty of the comet. I hope you like it…

Comet_on_4_November_NavCam 2b col1c

Before anyone says anything, I know, I know… it’s garish, the colours are wrong, etc etc, but that’s not the point – I just wanted to make something different, something which shows the beauty of the mission and its target. I hope some of you like it. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. This is a COPY of the ESA Blog (MPS OSIRIS) enviroment:

    Cometstalker says:
    07/11/2014 at 17:03

    A four megapixel 16 bit dynamic range camera with a very good mirror telescope and the filter set ranging from UV to NIR is the same today as when launched a decade ago and still is the state of art for an interplanetary camera that is supposed to have a lifespan outranging the mission time scedule with good margin. The images are not crippled due to old technology as the osiris is just fine as it is. The poor image quality that is presented is due to manipulation that is made TODAY. I hope i made this point clear.

    (My comment/reply)

    Haerwe says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    09/11/2014 at 15:45

    COMETSTALKER – the entire OSIRIS & ESA/Rosetta/Blog is recorded here in ultra high grade resolution and will show up as a documentation afterwards

    (watch for the moderation-blitz that is immediately applied to my comments.)

    Nice – hey?

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