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67P is wide awake now…

Yesterday ESA released some more navcam images of 67P (no, no new OSIRIS images; why do we even get our hopes up any more? They clearly have no intention of showing us what they’re drooling over on their screens, shame on them…) and they show, when stretched a bit – ok, a lot – that our little icy, dusty buddy is really wide awake now…


Comet_on_2_November_NavCam b

Comet_on_2_November_NavCam d


One Response

  1. Philae Lander and ESA Publication Policy

    ESA has decided to delay the release of the OSIRIS results for 6 month.

    The reason is to protect the advantage of being first to publicise
    new scientific findings

    Well there is a certain rationale supporting such a policy I admit.

    I personally support a different handling – anyway.

    The question now is how will ESA handle the Philae images.

    Since the image resolution is expected to be way higher than OSIRIS

    will we have to expect the Philae images SIX MONTH LATER ?

    That implies we will see Philae images in May or June 2015
    if at all

    Remember – the Principal Investigator/OSIRIS
    prior to Mr. Sierks (Dr. Uwe Keller)

    withheld OSIRIS Images taken during the Mars flyby 2007
    for at least FIVE YEARS

    Yeah right – for more than half a decade !

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