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WHAT??? Sorry, that was written by our cat as she did a Riverdance on the keyboard, and I left it on ‘cos I thought it was funny, and probably a catchier title than I could come up with at you’re-having-a-laugh o’clock in the morning…

Anyway, the ESA team releasing the navcam images from ROSETTA have knocked it out of the park this time with an absolutely stunning set of pictures showing fascinating detail on the surface of 67P. ROSETTA is now so close to 67P that the 4x navcam image mosaics can no longer show the whole of the comet’s nucleus, and can’t be stitched together seamlessly to make a single image either, but they do allow us wonderful “zoom in” views of the features on its surface. Here are a couple of the latest images, as posted on the ESA blog page…


Did you recognise “Cheops” up at the top there? The big boulder the OSIRIS team showed us – and little else – in their recent image release? That meandering fissure/crack/whatever the hell it is to the rock’s lower left is intriguing isn’t it?

And then there’s this one,,.


Oh, there’s SO much going on in that image! At the bottom, that straight feature is bound to have the mission scientists scratching their heads… a close-up seems in order…


…and look up there to the top right… those very round-looking features… craters? Vents? Collapsed pits? Let’s take a closer look…


PLEASE click on that to enlarge it, it took a lot of work! 😉

What’s fascinating about that image is that there are two very distinct types of feature huddled up close together – jagged-edged crater-like features, and what look like raised “pancake” -like mounds which look like they might be “craters in waiting”… are those vents, about to blow? Oh, to see an OSIRIS image of just one of those…

Actually, we’ve seen something like that before -on the nucleus of another comet, Tempel 1, which was visited by not one but two NASA probes, STARDUST and DEEP IMPACT…


PIA13859 crop

Really can’t wait to see this area in more detail…

Anyway, those are the latest pics. The blog is going to be quiet for a few days, but when we come back we’ll have a good catch up session, ok? In the meantime, keep following what’s happening with ROSETTA by visiting the ESA “Comet Watch” blog each day…


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