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A world of wonders…

While the OSIRIS team continues to horde its images, doing a quite frighteningly convincing impression of Smaug sitting on his pile of gold, the good people at ESA are doing their very best to keep the public and the media excited by the ROSETTA mission to 67P, by releasing images taken by the probe’s navcam as often as they can, with limited resources and people. These images are released to the waiting world on Twitter, Facebook, and on the ROSETTA “Comet Chaser” blog, where ESA Outreacher extraordinaire Emily Baldwin offers interpretations and answers questions whenever a new image appears. I think it’s very important that the ESA team is given full credit for their hard work here. In stark contrast to the OSIRIS team, which just seems determined to lock itself away in its wizard’s tower and selfishly keep their images to themselves, and quite obviously don’t care if that frustrates and disappoints the people who actually paid for their camera to get to the comet in the first place, the ESA team are working extremely hard to ensure that people who want to follow the mission can do so.

In fact, to be honest, if yesterday’s cropped and crudely messed about with Blurry Boulder image is the best the OSIRIS team can bear to part with, maybe they should just keep everything under wraps until next year, because it was rubbish, an insult to the intelligence of all the people following the mission and to the European Space Agency itself.

But anyway, today ESA put out another quartet of gorgeous navcams…


As you can see, there’s no real chance now of these quartets joining up accurately to make one single image, but really they don’t need to, they’re still gorgeous in their own rights. And, of course, they allow us to zoom in on features on the comet’s surface and isolate, enhance and then drool over them. Here’s my latest tour…


See that big rock over on the right? The largest in the group? That’s Cheops…


Now THAT’s an intriguing image isn’t it? Some very interesting features on there… Really wondering what *this* is, for example…

crop 9

And this vista is just… astoundingly beautiful, don’t you think..?


But I think my favourite area this time is this one…


…and look at the bottom there…


Hmmm… something going on there, for sure…

Now the weekend beckons, and we may well not see any new images until Monday, but that’s ok, the ESA team releasing these images deserves a break too! In the meantime, a personal THANK YOU from me to anyone and everyone involved in making sure *some* images of 67P are released. It’s much appreciated.

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  1. Keep on going Sir. Your comments on the ESA folks is dead right. We as taxpayers have a right to have a front row seat in to this strange world ehmm – comet, whatever.

  2. […] aus nur noch 15 km Höhe über der Oberfläche (~1.3 m/Pixel!), alle vier Bilder hier gestitcht und hier allerlei Details herausgeholt. Plus sehr unterhaltsame anderthalb Stunden zur Mission letzte Nacht am JPL – […]

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