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A canyon. On a comet.

… but I’ll show you that later…! 🙂

Today ESA released another quartet of navcam images of 67P, taken from a distance/height of just 18km, so they show a wealth of detail. Well, sort of. Much of the comet is in shadow, but the parts that are illuminated show boulders, crumbling ledges, and much more. Here’s the mosaic produced by ESA…


…and again I’ve done some work on it, cropping sections from it and enhancing them to bring out details. Here’s my latest “tour” pf 67P…





But my favourite crop this time is this next one… it shows the top of the “neck” of the comet, but it’s not hard to imagine it as a canyon on the comet, with the walls rising up on either side… Ok, click to enlarge and then feast your eyes on this thing of beauty…

crop5 comet valley2

Wow… what a world we live in, eh? 🙂

Oh, and no, no OSIRIS images released yet, in case you were wondering.

– Stu.


3 Responses

  1. Stu, Nice photos. I like your Open letter to the OSIRIS team as well. The right balance of respect, awe and frustration. Keep up the excellent work.


  2. Oo, OOO! Stu, they’ve just released an OSIRIS image: http://blogs.esa.int/rosetta/2014/10/09/boulder-close-up/
    Well done ESA! And well done Stu, it was due to your open letter, I’m sure!

  3. […] die den “Hals” des Kometenkerns entlang schaut: auch alle vier gestitcht, allerlei Details und ein HDR-Versuch. Derweil hat Rosetta die Genehmigung, zeitweise bis auf 10 km an das […]

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