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ROSETTA: Closer and closer…

Yesterday ESA released its latest set of four Comet 67P images taken by Rosetta’s own navcam camera. They tried assembling them into a single mosaic image,  bless them, but when the images were taken, on Sept 30th, the comet moved so much between each of the individual frames as they were taken that they just don’t line up very well. Anyway. here’s the latest image…


And again, although that image itself is rather confusing, it does show wonderful new detail if you just take the time to let your eyes wander over the image and drink in the view. I’ve cropped sections of it and enhanced those crops to bring out some of the increasingly-amazing detail on offer now… As ever, click on each image to enlarge it…


Oh my, look at the crack running through that! And that MUST be layering in there….


I love this area of the comet, it’s definitely one of my favourites, with that “fortress” standing high above the rocky plain, with huge rocks and boulders littering the ground beneath it…

Oct 6 release LZ 2

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that that’s a new view of the Philae landing site, the clearest I’ve been able to produce from the navcams yet. Philae is going to be aimed at the centre of that image… where it looks like there are a few pretty big boulders waiting to welcome her…. 😦

And finally for this time…


Look, there’s That Boulder again, the one studded with other, smaller rocks. Would LOVE a closer look at that, wouldn’t you? Oh, if only ROSETTA had a higher resolution camera, which could take images with a resolution of 1m or less, that would be BRILLIANT, wouldn’t it –

What? It does? Really? What’s it called? Something really cool? What was that? It’s called “OSIRIS”? Wow, they kept that quiet! How long has it had that? What, since it got there? Since it was *launched*??? Naaah, come on, you can’t fool me, that’s ridiculous! Surely, if a science team had such a technological marvel they’d be showing off at least some of its pictures now and again, for the good of everyone? Cos, you know, if they just kept them all to themselves it would make them look like a bunch of arrogant, selfish, stubborn boffins who basically just didn’t want to share their pretty pictures, especially not with the little people who actually paid for their fancy camera to be built, taken to Mars, and operated there.

And that would be pretty appalling.

Don’t you think?


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