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RED MARS coming to our screens, at last!!!!

rm peg

Oh my…

Went online this morning, hoping to see some new pics of Comet 67P from ROSETTA, but didn’t see any (at first… see next post). Instead I saw something which made me gulp like a goldfish that had jumped out of its tank. Literally.

Oh my… deep breath Stu… deep breath… Was it true? Was someone playing a cruel trick on me? Was it all a wicked wind-up?

Nope. The same story was on several sites, so it was true… Someone is FINALLY going to transfer my favourite ever SF book, the beyond-stunning RED MARS, by Kim Stanley Robinson, to TV!!

As I sat there, Peggy purring away beside me, oblivious to my thumping heart, my first thought was YESSSSSS!!!! FINALLY! After countless aborted attempts – including annual and increasingly-tiresome “James Cameron to Film Epic Mars Trilogy!” rumours – it seems that someone is going to be brave and bold enough to film the book that changed my life, forever.

My second thought was wait… hang on… oh no, oh no, oh no… they’ll mess it up, they’ll ruin it, they always do…!!

But the fact that it’s going to be filmed by the “Game of Thrones” team – which does “epic” pretty well, they’ve proved, I think – is encouraging, and with the right casting (ooh, that‘s going to be a minefield… it will have fans of the books up in arms if they get it wrong… I don’t envy the casting directors, picking actors and actresses to play handsome, dashing John Boone, moody and bitter Frank Chalmers, passionate enviromentalist “Red” Ann Clayborne, scheming, beautiful Maya, cool scientists Sax Russell and larger than life Arkady! Brian Blessed springs to mind there…! Awesome characters! Hopefully they won’t “re-imagine” the First 100 as sexy supermodel 20 somethings) and budget they might, MIGHT bring the incredible story to life in the way it deserves to be. I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

You have probably sensed that this is a big deal for me. Why? Well, because, as cheesy as it sounds, “Red Mars” changed my life. It was, literally, a life-changing book. It turned my interest in Mars into a passion, it intellectually and emotionally pushed me off a cliff and sent me diving headfirst into a love affair with the Red Planet which continues, and deepens, to this day. Reading it was like being plucked out of the 20th century and transported to Mars of the future and being involved in its colonisation, working alongside the terraformers, seeing the planet’s landscape changed. The first time I read that book I lived it, I devoured it, I drank in every page like a glass of fine wine. It devoured me. And every time I have read it since, and I read it just about annually, it has slapped me across the face again with its power and scale and ambition, bringing Mars to life again. Since it was written its transfer to the screen, large or small, has been announced several times, but without a single scene being filmed. Which is probably a good thing; I doubt that the technology existed to do the story, its characters and landscapes justice until now. If special effects have advanced to the point where the worlds of Narnia and Middle Earth can be brought to life, they can now show us Mars properly too.

So… here we are… Red Mars is coming to our screens. What does this mean, apart from “You’ll finally have to get a Sky subscription now, Stu…”? It means that guys, finally, *finally*, after all these decades of **** ups, crappy effects and scenery and unconvincing landscapes, we might get to see Mars – the real Mars, the beautiful Mars, the epic, noble, ancient, Time-sculpted Mars – in her true beauty and glory.

Bring it on.



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