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Catching up with ROSETTA…

It’s been a couple of days since I was able to write anything about ROSETTA and 67P, but that’s not through any lack of interest; I’ve been kept “AFK” by promoting and organising astronomy events here in Kendal for my astro society’s mini astro festival (which has gone well, thank you for asking!). Back now though, and a chance to catch up.

Well! It’s all been kicking off! Since I last wrote the ROSETTA team has been releasing lots more navcam images, in batches of four and has not only allowed but **invited** imaging enthusiasts to stitch them together to make them into beautiful, complete portraits of the comet! This was something I was looking forward to doing, but being perfectly honest I don’t have the hardware, software or image processing skills necessary to tackle the job, but others do, and they leapt on the inages like starving dogs, and within minutes were posting their creations online, to the delight of ESA!

Here’s a very rough mosaic portrait of 67P put out by ESA, showing how the four navcam inages can be used to create a single image…


…and here’s what one of my favourite – and one of the most skilled – image processing enthusiasts, Damia deBouic, did with those four frames…

damian b

Isn’t that incredible! No lines, no joins or seams, no horrible vignetting in the middle! Waaaay beyond what I can do!

And as if that wasn’t enough, soon after that ESA released four more navcam images, one of which set the comet enthusiast community buzzing with excitement and delight…


Why? Well, look carefully and you’ll see that there’s a misty, blurry… something… going diagonally from the top left of the image to the bottom right. Image artefact? Flaw? No… something very exciting, that really pops out with a but of processing jiggerypokery…

ESA_ROSETTA__NAVCAM_20140902B crop enh

Look! JETS!!! Jets of gas and dust spewing out of the nucleus of 67P!! YES!!! Oh the fun is going to really begin now…!

And again, image processing enthusiasts leapt on the images as soon as they were released and turned them into whole image mosaics, like this one, by Stuart McAndrew, which he posted on the ROSETTA blog…


Others have posted their own versions too, and I hope to be able to show some of those in an update of this post.

So… ROSETTA is getting closer and closer to 67P, and now its cameras are showing jets coming off the nucleus, which is very exciting indeed. I’m sure that over the weekend some more NAVCAM images of the comet will be released by the ROSETTA team showing even more activity. And who knows, maybe we’ll be shown another OSIRIS image. We live in hope.


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