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Open wide, 67P…

Ok, before you ask, yes, I did get up at 03.30 this morning and head up to Kendal Castle to try and see and photograph the close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, and yes, it was cloudy, and no, I didn’t see a ***** thing. Lots of other people saw it though, and the pictures taken around the world look stunning. Stupid (insert obscenity of your choice here ) Cumbrian weather. I think that was the Universe taking its payment for letting me see that incredible display of noctilucent clouds in June. I knew she’d get her own back.

Oh well, I’ll cheer myself up with looking at today’s NAVCAM image of Comet 67P! Here it is…


Ok, let’s turn it round so “north” is up, crop it, and just enhance it a little…

Comet_on_17_August_2014_-_NavCam c

Ooh, I like that view! Makes it look like 67P is a strange kind of space beast with a wide open mouth… (note to the tinfoil hat wearing Nibiru/UFO/chemtrail/Godlike Productions brigade, just in case they’re confused: it isn’t a “space beast” it’s just a comet, ok? Now go back and take your medicaton…). Let’s do a little more work on that…

Comet_on_17_August_2014_-_NavCam enh

Really loving that view now. Particularly love the smaller part of the nucleus, with that “maw” at the front…

Comet_on_17_August_2014_-_NavCam enh b

But as striking as that is, you can’t help wondering what it would look like in colour, right? Well, turns out it wouldn’t look much different really. How do I know? Because after he was good enough to answer a list of questions at the end of last week, I put one more question to Dr Holger Sierks – OSIRIS PI – on this very subject…

When do you think you will be releasing colour images of C-G? We’re all really looking forward to seeing those.

HS: Color images of C-G are tricky as we image in one color at a time, thus need to co-register images onto the shape model of the nucleus. We are working on it. You should not expect much color when looking at the nucleus, the surface is grey and has very little reflections (4% albedo). Color ratio maps are a scientific tool to work small signature in compositional variations.

So there you go. In colour 67P would look a lot like it does in black and white images: grey.

More tomorrow.


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