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Comet 67P – more images…

I love it – LOVE it! – how the ESA ROSETTA team is putting out NAVCAM images even over the weekends! Seriously guys, if you’re reading this, thank you. I think many of us expected you to bung a cork in the image pipeline between Friday and Monday, but no, true to your word you’ve kept those pictures coming.

If you haven’t seen them yet, here are the two released yesterday and today.

Comet 67P imaged on August 15th…


With a little messing about careful and curious enhancement, that becomes this, bringing out some details you can’t see on the original…

Comet_on_15_August_2014_-_NavCam enh b

And you know what? I’m *sure* we’re seeing layering of some kind here…


Looking forward to OSIRIS close ups of that area…!

And today’s image, which shows us 67P from “the side” as it were, which really shows off its double nature…


…and again, with a little enhancement and reorientation…

Comet_on_16_August_2014_-_NavCam enh

Beautiful, isn’t it? I wish we could see some wider angle, longer exposure shots now tho, so we could see some of the activity coming off the comet.. the large jets and plumes we saw shooting off the comet in that fuzzy image on Arrival Day appeared to be coming out of the “neck” of the comet, shown so clearly there…

And look, there are some very dramatic cliffs on there, aren’t there?


More tomorrow…


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