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More 67P Rosetta goodness…

Really do need to say it again: a huge THANK YOU! to whoever it was at the European Space Agency who gave the go-ahead to release daily images of Comet 67P taken by Rosetta’s NAVCAM camera. Every day I look forward to seeing “the new pic”, and there was even one released today, Sunday! That’s fantastic work by ESA and the Rosetta team. Here’s today’s release, which was taken yesterday…


I know… what the **** is that?!?!?!? Just when you think 67P has reached 10 on the Bizarro Scale, it finds an 11!

Actually, I thought that orientation is a bit confusing, so I flipped it over, sharpened it up and did a bit of “work” on it, and this came out the other end…


Oh my… Isn’t that one of the strangest sights ever seen by a space probe? That shows the comet looking absolutely nothing like a rubber duck, and a lot more like a baby dragon… And with a little more messing about skilful enhancing, 67P looks like this…


Honestly, words fail me. So I’m just going to post this now.

Thank you, ESA. Good job.


4 Responses

  1. ChuGeSaurus (Churyumov-Gerasimenko Saurus)

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  3. Looks like E.T. to me – Spielberg is a prophet

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