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300km to go…

Oh, well played ESA Rosetta Outreach team… today’s NAVCAM image, released a couple of hours ago, is an absolute beauty…


There is SO much going on there, isn’t there? We’re mostly seeing on that image the “other” side of the comet for the first time, the side that has been pointing away fr0m Rosetta’s prying eyes. Let’s take a closer look, with the comet sharpened up and enhanced a little…

ESA_ROSETTA_NAVCAM_20140803_cropped_interpolatedx2 b

That is a very craggy, very knobbly, very messed-up looking body. Last month the nucleus of 67P was compared to a rubber duck… well, if that’s a duck it was involved in a horrendous transporter beam accident, LOOK at it! Just look at the central region, with all those sharp landforms…


Very hard to interpret what we’re seeing there, as the shadows and low angle of illumination play all sorts of tricks on your mind as you look at it. Absolutely fascinating tho…

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s pic! In the meantime, I think the “duck” comparisons are well and truly dead now. In fact, 67P seems to be attracting eather less cuddly, less friendly comparisons…

BuMsiLbCcAAKFfh.jpg large

( Image from Twitter, courtesy of @SungrazerComets )


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