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Another fine display…

Typical. Just typical. You wait ages for a good display of noctilucent clouds, then two come along at once – well, a couple of days apart anyway.

In my last post I described the fantastic NLC display that kicked off on Friday night and lasted through to Saturday morning. I thought at the time that would be it for a while, but to my surprise and delight another display lit up the sky last night. It wasn’t as vivid or dramatic as the other one, but it was very pretty and was a striking sight in the sky above the fells to the north of Kendal.

Having been alerted to the start of the display by other NLC observers’ posts on Twitter and Facebook, I went up to Kendal Castle at just after eleven, and the display was already well underway then, as a large, hazy, noticeably bright patch above the NE horizon…


As time passed the display brightened and spread out, until it resembled a glorious silvery-blue rainbow above the fells. Then, over time, that rainbow faded, split in two and fell away, leaving just a background glow.

Here are the best of my photos. Hope you like them!








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