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Nibiru revealed!!

Wow! Look! One of my photos taken at Hadrian’s Wall last night has caught the planet Nibiru! Fantastic! And I’ve been a cynic all these years! How wrong was I? Although for some reason I couldn’t see it with my eye, it’s as clear as day on the photo, a whole planet – usually hidden from our view by chemtrails and force fields and all kinds of strange harmonious resonances – there right next to the Moon!

h5 flare s

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “It’s a lens flare, Stu..!” Don’t be silly. Come on, which makes more sense – that pointing my camera at a blindingly bright light in the sky introduced internal reflections in the lens, which showed up as a spherical flare on the pic, or there really is a ghost planet out there in our solar system, inhabited by godlike aliens, or even angels, ploughing towards us from the depths of space, undetected by every single one of the world’s telescopes, undetected by any of the armada of space probes currently exploring the solar system, undetected by any of the hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers who patrol the sky every hour of every day, with state of the art telescopes and cameras, but seen and photographed regularly by people who point their cameras at the Sun, and Moon, then skilfully stretch their images’ contrast and saturation until they scream for mercy but finally reveal Nibiru –  often the same people who believe astronauts never landed on the Moon, and insist that the air is being poisoned by chemical trails spewed out by secret Government aircraft, and that recent visitor to our skies Comet ISON was a fleet of alien spacecraft?

Ah, see? Not laughing now, are you..?


2 Responses

  1. actually , some of the people who believe in the existence of a planetary orbit perturbing planet or the like are some very high powered scientists. Robert Harrington for one was the chief astronomerr at the naval observatory until he made plans to release his findings in a big way . He died of a “strange ” form of throat cancer that killed him within a month. This scenario has happened to several science/astronomers who were tracking this planet/system that has been photographed yet does not exist..right??
    before dismissing this as BS , you might want to do just a little research , the outer planets orbits in our ss are perturbed at a certain point, consistantly , there are drastic atmosheric /climatic changes occurring to all planets in this ss now , there are major earth changes occurring now , There is a mountain of ancient text from various cultures as written documentation . THIS IS ALL COINCIDENCE…

  2. Oh the irony..xD
    And I cant say it enough, check nibiru official website for some at least better sounding stories about nibiru. But yeah, I liked this one 😀

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