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View from the lake…

The good weather continues, so last night, having taken more than a fewphotos of the conjunction from Kendal Castle, I decided to take advantage of the chance of a lift through to Windermere and take some pictures from the shore of the famous lake there. Arrived soon after sunset, and quickly had my telescope and camera set up… and about twenty seconds later people started wandering over from benches and other parts of the shore, curious about what I was doing. Soon I had a queue of people eager to see the Moon, Venus and Jupiter through my 4.5″ scope, while I explained what they were looking at shining in the sky above the lake.

It was a great night, with a lovely clear sky, a fantastic Moon and planets conjunction, a beautiful observing location, and no technical problems with anything! It was made even more enjoyable thanks to a holidaying couple who stayed with me the whole time, savouring the view as I was doing, and taking photographs with their own cameras. I hope they get to read this, to see the photos I took, as I’m really quite pleased with how they turned out…

Before I went through to Windermere I had this crazy idea…wouldn’t it be cool to take a picture showing the Moon, Venus and Jupiter in the sky, AND their reflections in the lake too? But surely that was ridiculous; the waters would be too choppy, the Moon and planets wouldn’t be bright enough to *cast* reflections… ?

Here are some of the pictures I took. You can see for yourself how things panned out…


One picture “got away” last night… I had everything lined-up perfectly, and the water was absolutely still, with the reflections of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter all standing motionless on the water… I went to click the shutter – and a duck landed on the water, smack bang “on” the Moon, ruining the shot! It swam away quacking smugly, proud of what it had done, the little…

Oh well, pretty pleased with what I got anyway! 🙂


One Response

  1. Beautiful images!
    I like especially middle ones with reddish sailboats and lake bed.
    BTW, this reddish lake bed looks like surface of Mars.

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