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After-sunset splendour…

Amazingly, the good weather continues here in Cumbria. The Cumbrian sky (Hmmm. Good name for a blog, that…) remains blue, no sign of cloud, and it’s hot enough for Kendalians to shed their traditional Spring dress of raincoats and wellies and don t-shirts and, in some possibly over-optimistic cases, shorts and sandals. TonightI’m planning on taking pics of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon from the shore of Lake Windermere, and the forecast is for clear sky all night, so can’t wait to do that!

Yesterday was glorious too, and again I spent the day up at Kendal Castle, with my tent, telescope and camera, looking at and showing passers by the Sun, before enjoying the sight of the beautiful crescent Moon shining close to Jupiter, with Venus blazing above them both, in the western sky after sunset. Again I tried taking photos of the Sun through my telescope, and again I failed miserably, so I just stuck to visual observing and had a great time. After sunset Venus came out very quickly, so clear and steady was the sky, and soon the young Moon had cleared the thin line of cloud it had been hiding behind, and voila – a stunning sky! Took quite a few pics, here are the ones I have processed so far…

…I also managed to get a few half-decent pics of the Moon through my telescope. Not really happy with them, but stacking a couple together and sharpening up the resulting image left me with something almost passable…

I *really* want to take some nice pics of the Moon through my scope, so I’m telling myself I’m “getting there”… fingers crossed for better pics tonight!


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  1. Did you crop the seven sisters from the first photo or were they not captured? They are there in the 2nd one 🙂

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