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EAS Meeting March 5th 2012

Last night’s meeting of the Eddington Astronomical Society of Kendal was another fantasic “Guest speaker” night, and this month we were delighted to welcome back to Kendal Museum Jeremy Hunt, astrophotographer extraordinaire from Cockermouth AS. Jeremy gave us a fantastic talk all about astrophotography, right from the absolute beginners basics through to much more advanced techniques. There was a very good turn-out for Jeremy’s talk, so thanks to everyone who came along!

Before the meeting began we all gathered in the Museum car park to enjoy the sight of Venus and Jupiter shining close together in the sky above the Museum, shining brightly in the deepening twilight. We also enjoyed some very nice views of the almost-Full Moon through my 4.5″ telescope, and saw Mars rising in the east too!

Here are some of the pictures I took last night…

(Above: Mars)

During last night’s meeting I reported on the large sunspot group which is currently getting solar scientists and amateur Sun-watchers very excited. Here’s a photo I took of the Sun, and that very sunspot group, just a few minutes ago – simply by pointing my point-and-shoot digital camera up to the eyepiece of my teescope and snapping away until something half-decent came out, after some processing in Photoshop…


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