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Venus and Jupiter moving closer…

After a week of tear-your-hair-out cloudy night,s last night we FINALLY got to see Venus and Jupiter in the sky above Kendal again!! It’s been *so* frustrating, going to websites like Spaceweather.com and Universe Today and seeing countless images of the two planets closing in on each other, taken, it seems, from everywhere on Earth *except* Cumbria! But last night, after an afternoon of beautiful clear blue skies, several of us headed up to Kendal Castle to see the two worlds shining above the Auld Grey Town, and although – of course!! – clouds started to waft in from the east just as soon as we got there, we did manage to get some great views. And I managed to take some more photographs too which are, I think, better than the others I showed here last week. See what you think…



2 Responses

  1. It was clear where I am last night, and Venus and Jupiter were spectacular. Also, is Mars currently visible, higher in the sky in the east? Thought I could see it, but wasn’t sure if that’s what it was.

  2. A little Googling, and I’ve managed to answer my own question. Yes, it was Mars I was looking at, as well.

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