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Events in Kendal for BBC Stargazing Live!

Wow, I didn’t realise it had been so long since I updated this blog!! November?!?!?! Sorry, been concentrating on my Mars rover blog, so mucvh happening on the Red Planet! Back now tho… 🙂

Anyway, just wanted to update you all on what the Eddington Astronomical Society of Kendal is doing to support the BBC’s second series of “Stargazing Live”, which is on telly next week. Like many astronomical societies across the UK, we are holding events to support the series, and the first of them is taking place tonight.

From 7pm we’ll be in the Gardens of Kendal’s Brewery Arts Centre, with our telescopes, to show people… stuff! Jupiter will be high and bright, of course, so we’ll have some brilliant views of that if the weather holds (and it should do, it’s a marrow-numbingly cold day here in Kendal, not a cloud in the sky, and it’s meant to stay that way… fingers well and truly crossed!) but lots more too. We’ll also have a TON of Stargazing Live freebies to give away, and there’ll be some meteorites for people to see and hold, too!


…and then next Friday night, the 20th, we’re having an “Astronomy Night” at The Box, the new performing arts / lecture venue down by Kendal Museum. There’ll be a special illustrated lecture, giving “A Tourist Guide To The Universe”, followed by demonstrations of astronomy software and a chance to look at some of our Society members’ telescopes. And those meteorites will be available to have a look at, too! It’s a completely free event, but seating is limited, so get there early.


As I said, it’s a beautifully clear day here in Kendal – across Cumbria, I think? – so it’s looking promising for a clear sky tonight. Last night was gloriously clear too, so I trekked up to Kendal Castle to try and get some pictures of Venus blazing in the dusk sky above the castle ruins… on the way I fell, really went down, slipping on some mud and landing flat on my back, limbs everywhere, but when I got home and saw how the images turned out, well, it was worth the tumble! (click the pics to enlarge them)

Hope we get some more good pics tonight! 🙂

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