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NLC ***finally*** shine over Kendal!!!

At LAST!!! Finally, after almost a month- a month!!! – of cloudy summer night skies, we managed to see some noctilucent clouds from here in Kendal. It’s been torture seeing photos of NLC taken by people from other parts of the UK, and reading their reports, but being unable to see those sights from here. So many mornings I’ve gone online and found that people in Edinburgh, Anglesey or the south coast had seen a gorgeous display of NLC the previous night… but last night, inally, the northern sky was clear after dark, so after finishing work I headed up to the castle with Stella to see if the NLC were going to perform. There was nothing for the first hour, and then a bright, narrow band popped into view in a gap between two hills on the northern horizon…

NLC!!! I fired off a quick Tweet about it, to let others know that NLC were putting in an appearance in northern UK skies, then settled back and watched – and photographed – the show.

It wasn’t a particularly bright one, nor a particularly detailed one, but it was a good curtain-raiser. Here are the best images I took…

The display faded away then, the long bright streamers falling back beneath the horizon, so we packed up and went home around 1.30am. If we’d stayed out longer we’d have seen the display returned, covering a lot of the sky, but was much fainter, so I don’t mind too much, and I did have work first thing this morning anyway…

So, although it started for the rest of the UK a month ago, I’m happy to declare the 2011 Kendal NLC season officially open! 🙂

And there’s a clear sky forecast for tonight, so fingers crossed for another display around midnight…


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