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Eddington Astronomical Society of Kendal “EclipseWatch” report…


“How we didn’t see the Moon, but had a brilliant night anyway…”! 🙂

So, last night a total lunar eclipse was going to be visible from across the UK. The bad news ws that it was going to be very “challenging” to see. The Moon would already be totally eclipsed when it rose, shortly after sunset, meaning a dimmed Moon was going to be rising into a bright twilight sky, not a good combination. To make matters worse, the weather was cruddy, with a LOT of cloud – great fat banks of it and tatters and tears of it – spattered across that bright sky, much of it smothering the south eastern horizon, so the odds were against us from the start. But, ever the optimists, members of EAS made their way up to Kendal Castle for an “EclipseWatch”, which members of the public were also invited to. In the end we didn’t see the Moon, but it was a really fun night.

I reckon a good thirty or so people went up to the castle in the hope of watching the eclipse, so it was a shame we couldn’t show it to them through our telescopes and equipment. Several instruments were set up, clustered around the new Eddington Base Camp tent, which meant this was, I suppose, the inaugural EAS Starcamp! 🙂 And even though we didn’t see the Moon – the cloud piled up on the south eastern horizon simply refused to budge, and, in fact, thickened as Moonrise approached – we did all have a fun time, chatting about astronomy, cursing the weather, and planning our future events. Hopefully some of the people who came along will come to other events we organise in the future, or even become EAS members.

Some pictures from last night…

The first EAS Starcamp begins…


The sky giving us an X-Factor “No Eclipse!” vote…

The Moon’s over there… somewhere behind that ********* cloud….!

More of our guests…

A panoramic view of our EclipseWatch (click to enlarge)…

Finally we saw the eclipse! Well, sort of… (live feed over t’internet…!)


Oh well, we’re prepared for next time… 🙂


So, sadly, no eclipse, but a fun night nevertheless. 🙂


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