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Eddington AS “Telescope Workshop” night…

Last night’s meeting of The Eddington Astronomical Society of Kendal was a special “Telescope Workshop” night. The idea was to give new members – and newcomers to amateur astronomy- a beginners guide to how telescopes work and what they can do.

To help us do this many members brought their telescopes down to Kendal Museum and set them up in the gallery where we meet, creating an impromptu “Telescope Gallery” for people to browse around. There were telescopes large and small, expensive and “budget”, simple and complicated, and after a brief but very informative Powerpoint presentation from EAS Committee member Liz Hodgson, explaining the science behind telescopes and their optics, each ‘scope’s owner gave a brief account of why they chose that particular instrument and what they use it for.

The evening was, I’m pleased (but not surprised!) to say, a huge success, and many of our new members who are considering buying a telescope found it extremely useful to be able to see so many different instruments in one place, compare them, and grill their owners about what they can do and how much they cost, etc.

It was also a great opportunity for people with “problem telescopes” – instruments that perhaps weren’t working properly – or who needed advice about how to set up their telescope to seek advice from our more experienced members, and several people were able to make a lot more sense out of their telescope at the end of the night.

Here are some photos from the evening. Please click on each image to bring up a full size version…

Our next meeting is on Monday May 9th, when we’ll be delighted to welcome back Jim Wild as our guest speaker.


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