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EAS event for the BBC’s “Stargazing LIVE” series

Like many astronomical societies across the country, Kendal’s Eddington AS organised an event to support the BBC’s “Stargazing LIVE” programmes, which are on BBC2 this week. Our event was a “Skywatch”, held in Abbot Hall Park last night, at which we planned… hoped… to show members of the public Jupiter and Uranus plus many other sights in the night sky. BBC Radio Cumbria promoted it heavily for us through the day, and the Westmorland Gazette helped publicise the event too, so we were optimistic of a good turn-out – weather permitting…

In the end, unfortunately, the only things the weather permitted us to see were clouds. The Skywatch was completely and utterly clouded out, not a single break, not a single star was seen…

Which was a great shame, because despite the lousy weather 50 or so people came down to the Park just in case. So, although we couldn’t show them anything “up there” were were still able to show them some telescopes, and chat to them about astronomy and stargazing. Everyone went away with one of the dinky little BBC freebie booklets, which contain simple-to-use star maps and come complete with a mini-compass…

Yes, it was disappointing – some people had come quite a long way, too! – but I think everyone who came down was glad they did, and hopefully some of them will come to our first Society meeting next week, and start enjoying astronomy as a hobby and join our Society!

Thanks to everyone who came down, especially the EAS members who came along to help out with the event, even though it was painfully obvious early on that we were going to see nothing! 🙂


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