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Let the Sagan celebrations begin!

Today’s the day, The Day, the Big Day – the day when the Sagan essay contest finalists start to be published over on the Kepler mission website!  🙂

… which is here:


If you entered an essay yourself, I’m sure you’re keen to know if your submission has been chosen as a finalist. And if you didn’t enter, well, I’m sure you’ll be keen to read the essays that were submitted, by people who were inspired, excited or moved by Carl Sagan’s landmark books, broadcasts and life.

The first essay to be unveiled as a finalist was written by Sarah O’Sullivan, and you can find it here…


Also on the Kepler Sagan page you will be able to read a special essay by “Mr SETI”, Seth Shostak, AND listen to a piece of original music composed specially for the competition and the celebrations.

As the week progresses, other essay finalists will be posted on the site, along with other exciting “extras”, all designed to commemorate and celebrate the extraordinary life and vision of Carl Sagan, so keep checking the page for updates. There’ll be a lot to enjoy!

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