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Christmas comes early…

Strange day at work today. Very strange. I had the most realistic, most vivid daydream. I dreamed that, in my break, I flicked open my phone and, sipping a tea and dunking a Bourbon, went online to catch up on goings on in the world “out there”, beyond the staff room, via Twitter…

There were more Tweets about yesterday’s flyby of asteroid Lutetia by ESA’s ROSETTA probe… more news about the water shortage in the Lakes… reports of Ed Norton being dropped from the forthcoming big budget “Avengers” film (not “The Avengers”, as in the British TV series with Steed and Purdy etc, it’s a comic Superhero flick… apparently…!)… Katherine Jenkins joining the cast of Dr Who for the 2010 Christmas Special… praise for the psychic abilities of that octopus in –


Katherine… Jenkins… to be on Dr Who? My favourite, most-worshipped* classical singer, to be the Doctor’s Companion on Christmas Day’s one-off special of my favourite TV show, Dr Who?!?!

That HAD to be a dream, it just had to. Seriously? No, it was true. It was right there, on the SFX website, on the BBC website, and tweeted by “KJ” herself: following in the footsteps of Kylie Minogue and Michelle Ryan, THE Katherine Jenkins – she of that glorious mane, that cascading waterfall of golden hair, the would-make-Jessica-Rabbit-jealous hourglass figure, and the unbelievable voice – was going to be the guest companion in the next Dr Who Christmas special…

As Father Dougal would say…

“Oh WOW…”

This will be, as many have already pointed out, the opera singer’s first acting role (unless you can count “Looking interested at what was going on” during the recent celebrity opera singer reality show an acting role…), so obviously no-one has any idea if she can, well, act or not. It’s a big risk, to be sure, but “showrunner” Stephen Moffat must see something in the Welsh singer to make him think she’ll be a small screen hit, and worthy of being a Companion, so we just have to trust him, I guess. We’ll all find out on Christmas Day evening, when Amy and Rory go on their honeymoon – following straight on from the series 5 finale? – accompanied by The Doctor. Obviously THAT’s not going to go smoothly, but where Jenkins fits in is, at this point, anyone’s guess. No doubt the plot will be well known long before the special is shown, but at the moment all we know is… well, nothing. Which is fine by me.

Katherine Jenkins in the TARDIS… never saw that one coming..!

Is it Christmas yet?

Is it Christmas yet?

Is it Christmas yet?

Is it Christmas yet?

Is it Christmas yet?

Is it Christmas yet?


* Note: I can neither confirm nor deny the rumours that I have been known to go and “browse” in Kendal’s indoor market’s bag stall just to sneek a peek at the particularly-hot signed photo of Katherine Jenkins that the stall owner has pinned up above his till.


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  1. What type of sound system comes standard with the 2010 Volvo?

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