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Another night, another NLC display…

A beautiful clear night here last night, so come 01.00 off I trotted up to Kendal Castle again to look out for noctilucent clouds. And there was another display, but it was only a modest, subtle one, little more than a few thin bands and streamers parallel to the horizon in the NW sky. Still, better than nothing, and worth the trip up to the castle to get some nice photos. But there HAS to be a big display soon, surely..?


2 Responses

  1. […] Positioning myself in the extreme south-east of Castle Howe, I managed to catch the billows and tendrils of the NLCs in one or two snaps, while Stuart Atkinson, from his more central and more level position on Castle Hill (Castle Parr, or Kendal Castle, the newer one) in the middle of the valley, captured a much better view. […]

  2. Following your NLC reports with great interest. I keep seeing what seem to be cirrus high in the northern sky around 11:30 – 00:00 but never sure if they’re actually NLC. Is there a good way to tell between bog standard cirrus and NLC?

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