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A tale of two “displays”…

Last night I watched two “displays” of very different yet strangely similar types.

First, I went along to the Brewery Arts Centre and, with a good couple of hundred other people, watched England play Algeria in the World Cup. It was an absolute disgrace, a shambling, shambolic, spiritless display of football from a team of over-paid and over-hyped celebrities that left everyone in the BAC either screaming at the screens with anger or silently holding their heads in their hands in despair…

Then, several hours later, I trekked up the big hill to Kendal Castle in the hope of seeing another display – this time a display of noctilucent clouds, or NLC. There was one, but, like the England game, it wasn’t the beautiful, memorable display I’d been hoping for. It was alright… kind of… there were some streamers and trails, but nothing special, nothing to Tweet about as I stood by the castle, listening to vuvuzelas (or, more likely kazoos that their users were pretending, oh so wittily and hilariously, were the ghastly South African ‘instruments’) rasping in the town below. I took some pictures, but really it was just a background display, a disappointment to round off an already crushingly-disappointing evening.

A clear sky is forecast for tonight, so fingers crossed for something better after midnight tonight…! 🙂

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  1. That’s pretty cool!

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