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More NLC…

If UK NLC-observers were at all worried that 2010 was going to be a lean year for displays of their favourite night-time glowing clouds, those worries have been dispelled. Last night/this morning there was another lovely display of NLC visible across much of the UK, and I saw it really well from here in Kendal, thanks to my determination to get up at godawful early times as often as I have to in order to see the displays, and a timely alert text from Phil Stobart, EAS Founder, just as my alarm clock went off at 01.30…!

Out into the post-midnight darkness and I glanced to the north – yep, there were NLC in the sky again. Not exceptionally bright, and not exceptionally detailed, but well worth a closer look and a bit of camera-clicking, so quickly off I trotted up to Kendal Castle, set up my camera and tripod, and began what turmed out to be a couple of hours of very, very enjoyable NLC-watching. Here are some of the images I took…

After taking those shots I decided it was time to fulfill a wish, an ambition, I’ve had ever since moving to Kendal half a dozen years ago. The very first time I walked up the hill to the castle I fell in love with it, with its crumbling towers, its ruined battlements and its silent, epic history… and I also saw that it would provide me with a quite fantastic foreground in the event ofa  big NLC display. For various reasons – work, weather, lack of NLCs – I had never managed to take those photos… but this morning I knew everything was right, so I walked up to the castle ruins, entered it, and set up my camera at the far, southern end of its interior ‘garden’… pointed the camera to the north, where the NLC were shining far behind the castle, and took these…

I’ve been waiting sooooooooooooo long to take those photos, and they turned out way better than I dared hope they would – and that was with a quite faint display! Just imagine how stunning the ecene will be when a really bright display, with billows, streamers and waves, kicks off!

Will that be tonight? Check back here tomorrow to find out… 🙂

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