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View from a castle

Oh wow, I love my new camera. Ok, so it’s not really that ‘new’ any more, I’ve had it a good few weeks now, but it still feels new to me, especially when I try it out in a new place or a new situation and am impressed all over again by what it can do.

Like Sunday night. After finishing work I raced home, grabbed my camera and took off across the river and then up the steep hill to Kendal Castle, in the hope of getting some pictures of the crescent Moon and Venus shining close together in the sunset sky. I was pretty confident I’d get something, I know the camera well enough now to be pretty sure that one of its many settings will get me a good pic, but Sunday night was one of those wonderful, rare nights when everything, just everything, came together- the weather, the camera, the light, the silence and the peace and quiet… When I headde back down the hill, and stomped over the river footbridge an hour and a half later I was quietly confident that there were a couple of half-decent images on the camera’s SD card…

They turned out far better than I hoped…

Can’t wait for noctilucent cloud season to begin! šŸ™‚


2 Responses

  1. Those are awesome pics, Stu.

  2. Great pix.
    BBC Radio 4’s Material World programme is featuring a study on nlc’s, which you can follow on facebook.

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