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Dear BBC…

(copy of complaint I just emailed to the BBC)

Seriously, enough is enough. The music on DR WHO is now absolutely ridiculously loud, so loud it literally drowns out the dialogue. I watched tonight’s episode and hadn’t got a clue what was going on, the music was so loud. This has been a bad problem with BBC programmes before, but it seems it’s a real issue with DR WHO. The annoying thing is, you clearly already *know* this is a problem because it’s one of the subjects covered in your FAQ, so why are you letting your programme makers get away with it? We shouldn’t have to watch a programme with headphones on just so we can hear what’s happening. Will you please, PLEASE fwd this complaint to the DR WHO team and get someone to turn the volume levels down, or you are going to lose viewers. And yes, I would like a reply to this complaint because I am going to take this further and want to follow this up. And I will. I am very, very disapointed in the BBC for letting this problem not just run on and on, but get worse.


… and I predict they will do ****** all about it.

Oh, and I just LOVED the way that, with a good few minutes of the epiosde left, and with the tension ramping up, the BBC put a colourful, cartoon-style banner on the bottom of the screen telling the viewer that Graham Norton’s “Dorothy” show was coming next…

Genius, absolute genius; brilliant way to completely drain all the tension and excitement out of it.